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tour dates

  • December 15th “AWAY IN A MANGER” AT NLAG
  • December 21st ” BENNY PRASAD “
  • December 22nd “EXALT – GERSSON EDINBARO”

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rockstar movie

GIBSON GUITAR – Keba Jeremiah takes the guitar once more in “Kun Faaya” 2.46 onwards alongside the harmonium. The way Mohit Chauhan sings the word “maula” at 3.45 is mesmerizing, perhaps hinting at the awakening of the character Jordan in the film, and is the most memorable part of the composition.

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Born and brought up in Karama, Dubai, Keba Jeremiah Arul started playing music at the age of 7. Ironically, this guitarist was forced into taking keyboard lessons as a kid. Keba started off on the acoustic guitar and later branched out to the keyboard and drums along with his two brothers. Playing for audiences was something Keba began doing at the age of ten, starting off at various Church programmes and other Christian events. Perhaps this is why Christian music still remains an integral component of Keba’s musical career.

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